Pre-buy review

All listed information is for Part 91 operators. Part 135 operator prices will vary depending on the needs of the operator and the volume of required work.

To give our customers the "best bang for their buck" and to hopefully avoid unnecessarily spending their money, J&G Aviation conducts pre-buy reviews in 3 parts:

Part 1

Logbook review & aircraft research

The purpose of part 1 is to identify any potential problem aircraft before there is too much time and money spent. J&G will request a copy of the logbooks, photographs of all parts of the aircraft, and a list of all installed equipment (with serial numbers) to allow us to research and identify any Airworthiness Directives (AD), Service publications, or potential issues that could affect the value of the aircraft.


There is a flat rate of $300 for Part 1, unless the logbooks are not in order and/or J&G has to compile the list of all equipment. In that case, we recommend the potential buyer, who we are working for, coordinates with the potential seller to pay our standard research rate of $50/hr.

Part 2

Review of the aircraft, forward of the firewall

The purpose of part 2 is to identify any problems in the engine compartment. Historically, aircraft problems most likely to affect the sale, come from issues forward of the firewall and so we believe it is important for the buyer to be comfortable with the engine they are getting before paying for a review of the rest of the aircraft. We will consult with the potential buyer whether to perform a compression test and timing check. Factors influencing the decision to do so or not will include how recent the last compression test and timing check has been done, and how well the engine appears to be running on the ground, and, if a flight test is done, in the air.


Travel expenses (if any) + flat rate of $300/engine.

Part 3

Review of the remaining aircraft

We will open inspection plates and fairings, and remove enough of the interior to be able to determine the general condition of the airframe, with particular attention to corrosion issues, which, if found, we will point out to the potential buyer.


Flat rate of $400.

Note: All other inspections (AD, Service Bulletin, etc) will be billed at normal shop rates of $90/hr plus parts (if required).