Billing Policies

Early Payment

J & G Aviation bills the invoice at "Net 30" (30 days) and offers a 2% discount that is applied to your next invoice for bills that are paid within 10 days of the invoice date.


J & G Aviation charges a late fee of 1.5% for every 30 days the invoice is past the invoice date.

Work that goes over 30 days

Any work that goes over 30 days will be billed an interim invoice for labor and parts purchased up to that point. Starting day 31, hangar rent will begin to be charged at the rate of $40.00 a day.

Parts Deposit

For any required parts that cost over $250 (individually or cumulative), we will require a parts deposit of the estimated parts cost prior to moving forward on the work. This deposit will be applied against the final invoice.

Forms of Payment

J & G Aviation accepts checks, cash, or credit cards. Credit cards can be paid on the invoice itself, in person, or over the phone.