Repairs & Alterations

J & G Aviation performs maintenance, repair and alterations on nearly every make and model of piston powered aircraft. While we don't currently offer repair station services, we have built strong relationships with every type repair station required during Normal Business Hours (Monday-Friday 0830 to 1730) 


Billing Policies

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Shop Rates

Normal Shop Hours (Mon-Fri 0830-1730):

  • Airframe (all) & Powerplant (piston): $90.00/hr

  • Avionics (all): $95.00/hr

  • Powerplant (turbine): $95.00/hr

Outside normal work hours/weekends/holidays:

  • Airframe (all) & Powerplant (piston): $135.00/hr

  • Avionics (all): $142.50/hr

  • Powerplant (turbine): $142.50/hr

Aircraft-On-Ground/Off Field Work:

  • Mileage to and from aircraft at $.60/mile

  • Drive time to and from aircraft at $24/hr

  • 2 hour minimum callout labor charge

  • Labor rates are our standard shop rates for either inside or outside (time and a half) of normal shop hours/weekends/holidays